Group Intro puts Operahouse Antwerp in a new look

The opera building in Antwerp, done by Groep Intro Maatwerk

Group Intro puts Operahouse Antwerp in a new look

Have you ever been to the opera in Antwerp? This project was a really fun challenge for Group INTRO Maatwerk, commissioned by Opera Ballet Vlaanderen. They repainted the foyer of the Opera in Antwerp, which used to be a café but will now be used as a private event space.

Transformation from a to z

The project involved painting the high-gloss paintwork on the ceilings and interior walls of the Operahouse, using Zinsser Allcoat Exterior Satin. For the wooden structures, a combination of Mathys Fassiforce and Fassithane satin paints was used.

Exceptional result

The result was nothing short of exceptional, thanks to a great team and the use of products such as Zinsser Allcoat and Mathys Fassicryl paints, top-quality products known for their durability and long-lasting finish. The team applied the paint with precision and care, ensuring a smooth and even finish that brought out the best in the colours and textures of the walls.

The right product for every job

  • Zinsser Allcoat satin: everything painted white
  • Mathys Fassicryl satin: wood around radiator
  • Mathys Fassithane matt: mirror
  • Mathys Multi-cleaner: marble column and green woodwork washed
  • Mathys Vernac: top radiator and copper work (at the bottom of the doors – sounds)
  • Rust-Oleum 4900 matt: cabinet and counter
  • Rust-Oleum CombiColor black: radiator and glass panels with the black frames and woodwork at the bottom
  • Rust-Oleum CombiColor matt: railing base
  • Rust-Oleum 4900: wood of stair railing
  • Rust-Oleum Aerosol can Universal white: boxes and wiring caps

About this project

Country: Belgium
Year: 2023
Painter: Groep INTRO vzw - Charles Parentéstraat 6 - 1070 Brussel -
Distributor: Thiry paints Wommelgem - Krijtersveld 10 - 2160 Wommelgem - [email protected]

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