Masterpiece of Efficiency and Versatility in Residential Complex

Residential complex in Hoogvliet, done by Groen Manneke Painters

This special project, expertly executed by the experienced team of Groen Manneke Painters, was not only a technical feat, but also a stunning showcase of Zinsser Allcoat Satin's versatility and effectiveness.

Transformation from a to z

Allcoat Satin stands out with its impressively fast drying time. This property not only significantly reduced the duration of the painting job, but also minimised the inconvenience to residents, allowing them to quickly return to their daily routine. The versatility of Zinsser Allcoat Satin gave us the artistic freedom to apply a diverse palette of colours, allowing us to respond flexibly to the aesthetic needs of the housing complex. Whether it was about maintaining existing colour schemes or introducing new, vibrant hues, Zinsser Allcoat Satin proved to be the ideal choice. This project required a paint product suitable for both interior and exterior surfaces, and Zinsser Allcoat Satin proved to be the dream solution, with its unrivalled versatility resulting in consistently high-quality results.

Exceptional result

This reference project serves as vivid evidence of our determination in pursuing efficiency, versatility and customer satisfaction.

About this project

Country: The Netherlands
Year: 2023
Painter: Groen Manneke Schildersbedrijf
Distributor: Gros Verf - Elandstraat 93 - 2901 BK - Capelle aan den Ijssel - [email protected]

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