Cinéma Pathé - Allcoat

Allcoat project for Cinéma Pathé

Project description

Pathé tours has been busy this summer to grow and brand their full group. The brand now covers 133 locations in France, as well as Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands. It's been a very intensive work so next time you go to the movies at Pathé Imax Tours Nord, take some time to admire the rebranding, in cooperation with Zinsser Allcoat.

The used colours for the project were Zinsser Allcoat Satin yellow RAL 1018 and grey. The applicator covered 1200m² with 300L of paint. It's a project where Roulliaud and Zinsser have combined their forces, welcoming the crowds back in the Pathé cinemas!



Main products

Zinsser Allcoat Satin




DECOR 37 2, Rue Jean Perrin, 37170 Chambray-lès-Tours


ROULLIAUD 1 Rue du Tertreau, 37390 Notre-Dame-d'Oé