Basement reparation

Description of the problem:

The wrong facade solution had been chosen, where the wall has been softened for a long time and the plaster therefore in many places was extremely poor and porous.
Either they should have a bricklayer take over the task or the painters would have to solve the task themselves. The customer already wanted a slightly rustic surface - so no wall alignment.

The painters relied on our recommendations and bought Zinsser Watertite for a 40 m2 wall - and the result has been formidable… ..

  1. 1. With scrapers they have removed all loose plaster.
  2. 2. The surface is brushed to remove the porous / loose surface
  3. 3. 1st application of Watertite with scraper as it had to be pushed into all edges and holes .. (a little heavy work)
  4. 4. 2nd + 3rd time applied easily with roller (both times the same day as the product dries quickly)…