• Excellent stain blocker
  • Seals tannin, knots and sap streaks
  • Seals cigar, cigarette & nicotine odours
  • Seals severe water stains, fire & smoke damage
  • Seals rust stains, graffiti, crayon, lipstick and grease
  • Adheres to slick surfaces like tile, glossy paints and varnishes
  • Low odour
  • Clean up with soap and water

B-I-N® Aqua is a high-performance white-pigmented low-odour water-based, synthetic shellac-based knot block primer and sealer that combines fast drying times with unrivalled adhesion and best possible coverage. Ideal for whole-surface interior priming and exterior spot priming. Ideal for use on new or previously painted/varnished wood, building boards, porous wallpaper and wood panels. B-I-N® Aqua adheres to almost all surfaces and then allows a topcoat to be applied to a variety of surfaces such as shiny enamel, clear varnish, glass, glazed tile, metal, laminate and MDF – without the need for prior sanding. Ideal for use in houses and apartments, hospitals, schools, shops and restaurants. This versatile knot block primer and sealer can be used over and under alkyd and water-based paint and is perfect for new construction, fire and water damage, rebuilding and renovation.


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Product details

849.BE.1, 849.BE.2.5, 849.DE.1, 849.DE.2.5, 849.FR.1, 849.FR.2.5
Main Features
1-component, Primer, Quick drying, Solvent-based
Gloss Level
1 L, 2.5 L 
Application type
Airless Spraygun, Brush, Roller
Metal, Plastic, Wall, Wood
Substrate Metal
Aluminium, Non-ferro metal, Stainless Steel
Substrate Plastic
HD Polyethylene, PVC
Substrate Wall & Hygiene
Brickwork, Ceiling, Mineral substrates, Plaster, Tiles, Vinyl wallpaper
Substrate Wood
Cedar / redwood, New wood trim / doors, Plywood
Touch dry
25 minutes
Dry to recoat
45 minutes
VOC level