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Every Zinsser project has it's own story, coming in all sizes, and all get a prominent place in our references. This project in Belgium was done for a professional client, GEVACO lawyers, situated in Beringen. GEVACO Advocaten opened its law firm in Beringen more than 70 years ago. In 2015 they moved to a new location on the Paalsesteenweg.

The existing building was completely stripped and rebuilt. GEVACO Advocaten commissioned Créneau Int. for the furnishing. The company Créneau Int. is a household name in the construction industry with numerous prestigious projects all over the world.

At GEVACO Advocaten, the desks were first to be taken care of and the Créneau company created an office building with style. The building showcases modernity and functionality. And not only on the outside. The same line was continued on the inside. There is no doubt that this is a pleasant working environment.

Finally, the garage was tackled. What started as a garage ends up in a multifunctional space for both the customer and the staff. No easy job to transform this garage into a space that is beautiful to see and experience at the same time. To execute this in a professional manner, IM paintings from Sint-Truiden were called upon.

The complexity of the job was mainly in the ceiling. A ceiling with pipes, air conditioners, cables, ducts,… that had to be preserved. IM Schilderwerken used the new product Zinsser Allcoat Exterior from Rustoleum Europe for this. This product, which is mainly used outdoors, is also the ideal product for difficult paint jobs like this. Zinsser Allcoat Exterior is a primer and top coat in 1 which was developed for difficult surfaces such as metal, plastic, concrete, ... and is also sprayable. IM painting was therefore able to get the job done carefree with this product.

A new project to be proud of!



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