• Excellent stain blocker
  • Low odor; soap and water clean up
  • Seals tannin, knots and sap streaks
  • Seals cigar, cigarette & nicotine odors
  • Seals severe water stains, fire & smoke damage
  • Seals rust stains, graffiti, crayon, lipstick and grease
  • Adheres to slick surfaces like tile, glossy paints and varnishes

B-I-N® Advanced Synthetic Shellac Primer is a synthetic shellac-based primer sealer that provides excellent stain blocking for whole-surface interior priming and exterior spot priming. It combines fast dry time, low odor, excellent hide and stain blocking for new construction, remodeling and fire and water restoration. B-I-N Advanced may be used under and over any latex or oil-based architectural paint.Use B-I-N Advanced to prime all types of bare or painted interior surfaces including wood, drywall, cured plaster, masonry, galvanized metal and PVC. B-I-N Advanced has excellent adhesion to dense, glossy surfaces such as enamel paints and varnishes, paneling, laminates, glass and ceramic tile without the need for sanding or de-glossing.


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Product details

859.DKSE.1, 859.DKSE.10
Main Features
1-component, Primer, Quick drying, Water-based
Gloss Level
1 L, 10 L 
Application type
Airless Spraygun, Brush, Roller
Metal, Plastic, Wall, Wood
Substrate Metal
Galvanised steel
Substrate Plastic
Substrate Wall & Hygiene
Brickwork, Ceiling, Glass, Mineral substrates, Plaster, Pre-painted, Tiles
Substrate Wood
Cedar / redwood, New wood trim / doors, Plywood
Touch dry
25 minutes
Dry to recoat
45 minutes
VOC level
<100 g/L